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Aspire Sparelens Clear 90.0


Spare lens for the Aspire. Aspire lenses are developed to provide enhanced contrast across all environments.

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    Fits both the original Aspire and the 2019 updated style.


    Clarity MTB Brown/Light Silver Mirror CAT 2 VLT 40%

    Clarity MTB Brown/Silver Mirror CAT 2 VLT 20%

    Clarity MTB Brown CAT 1 VLT 27%

    Clarity Road Violet CAT 2 VLT 23%

    Clarity Road Violet/Gold Mirror CAT 2 VLT 26%

    Clarity Road Violet/Light Silver Mirror CAT 2 VLT 25%

    Clarity Road Violet/Silver Mirror CAT 3 VLT 13%

    Regular Performance Clear CAT 0 VLT 90%