Ht X1 Clip Pedal


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The HT X1 is chosen by world class pro riders for rough conditions. Reliable engagement, sufficient lateral float and bombproof bearing system. X1 / XF cleats included.

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    HT PRO Cleat System:

    The proven HT HT PRO Cleat System provides effective engagement and dependable release in all conditions. With the massively adjustable spring tension, the HT PRO Cleat System offers more security for aggressive riding to prevent an ill-timed accidental dis-engagement. The Cleat is optimized to be highly resistant to clogging with mud in any condition, as well as being compatible with all types of shoes. HT PRO Cleat System offers 4 types of cleat with different amounts of lateral float, as well as dis-engagement tensions (easy to hard).


    Weight (pair): 470g

    Size: 83.5×92.5×16.7mm

    Body material: aluminium extruded / CNC machined

    Spindle: Cr-Mo CNC machined

    Bearings: 3 sealed bearings + 1 DU bushing

    Cleats: X1 / XF (included) | X2 / H30

    Approved by:

    Aaron Gwinn | HT since 2012

    – 3x UCI World Cup overall Champion

    – Aaron had an unforgettable win, taking victory without chain at Leogang 2015

    Neko Mulally

    RĂ©mi Thirion

    Cam Cole